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The Refinishing System

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Refinishing Process

1. Metal Preparation
2. Primer
3. Primer/Sealer
4. Paint
5. Clear Coat

Multi-Step Process

trans9x9.gif (1588 bytes)Your vehicle will be restored to a "factory new appearance" by skilled technicians using DuPont's ChromaBase refinish system.

  • After the damaged metal and plastic body areas are repaired, a variety of cleaners and etches are applied to condition the surface and to ensure adhesion of the paint system.

  • This is followed by primers which fill crevices and protect against corrosion and rust.

  • After sanding, another primer/sealer is applied to provide a uniform, satin-smooth surface.

  • The color coat is then applied, often followed by a clear coat.

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trans9x9.gif (820 bytes)Clear coats are a relatively recent development.  The tough, transparent film acts like a magnifying glass to bring out the brilliance of the color, while protecting the pigments in the color coat from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, from acid rain, and other contaminants.  They provide a longer-lasting , "mirror-like" finish and are now used on most new factory finishes.

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